Manufacturing and Sale of Precast Concrete Products

We are an established manufacturer of precast concrete products, including IBS components, for residential, commercial and infrastructure development projects. We develop, design, manufacture and supply precast concrete products through our subsidiaries, Sunway Precast Industries and Sunway Concrete Products (S), with manufacturing plants located respectively in Senai, Johor, Malaysia and Tampines, Singapore.

Our subsidiary in Malaysia, Sunway Precast Industries, manufactures and supplies precast concrete products such as architectural facade panels, flooring systems, and infrastructural components, including household shelters, architectural facades, prefabricated toilets, lift wells and covers, roof fascia, precast walls and columns, and precast beams. We have been involved in major supply and installation of 2,200 units of teachers’ quarters in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Pahang.

Our subsidiary in Singapore, Sunway Concrete Products (S), manufactures and supplies precast concrete products for the building sector in Singapore, primarily for the HDB public housing projects as well as for private sector development projects. We have also been involved as a supplier of precast IBS components for the DBSS HDB public housing projects and private development projects that are jointly developed by the Sunway Group.

We supply our precast concrete products primarily via main contractors who have been awarded main construction contracts from property developers. We act as sub-contractors to these main contractors, who undertake amongst others, the onsite assembly of precast concrete products. Main contractors may also undertake other construction activities such as earthworks, piling and mechanical, engineering and plumbing works.

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