Building Information Modeling (BIM)

SunCon’s VDC/BIM video

BIM – The Future of transparency, integrity & performance

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most promising developments in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction & Operation (AECO) industry. BIM is a digital model representing physical, technical & functional characteristics of a building, enabling virtual construction to take place before physical construction begins.

BIM improves the integration of design (3D), scheduling (4D), estimation (5D) and fabrication.

According to the recent World Economic Forum, BIM stands to be the primary driving force that will transform the construction industry in the next decade. BIM models enable effective trade coordination with architecture, structure and MEP trades. They also eliminate clashes during early design stage. The 4D model helps to simulate project planning and scheduling, calculating progress in physical development and timeline. The 5D model enables accurate cost budgeting and control.

In addition to the 3D geometry representation, BIM serves as a shared data and knowledge among all project stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle promoting communication & enhancing project delivery transparency & efficiency.
The essential building information contained in the BIM models such as spatial information, technical documentation, vendor data & operating guidelines further propel BIM into 6D facility management closing the gap between construction and building operation.

To-date, we have invested over RM 30 million and BIM is now widely implemented in Sunway’s property and construction projects. It was first used in The Pinnacle in Bandar Sunway followed by Sunway Pyramid Phase 3 (Hotel and Retail Podium) and Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall. Ongoing projects include Parcel F (office building and podium parking) in Putrajaya. Sunway’s BIM adoption extends to the fabrication of precast RC structures by Sunway Concrete Products in Singapore.

This implementation has enhanced our competitive edge in providing innovative designs and construction solutions that meet challenging demands with increased complexity within shorter timeframe. We are confident that full BIM capabilities will enable faster delivery, cost effective procurement, reduced wastage, increased quality and reliability, and reduced lifecycle costs.

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