Safety and health issues are very important as we strive to live by our objective “To achieve ZERO life lost” at all project work sites. A formalised set of best practices has been introduced to reduce construction risks at our workplaces. This approach helps ensure that all risks arising due to the nature of our activities are mitigated and controlled as far as it is reasonably practicable while meeting the statutory requirements and complying with OHSAS 18001.

SunCon’s Environmental, Safety & Health (ESH) Programmes
As part of our continuous effort to develop, implement and maintain good occupational safety, health and environmentally-friendly practices in our construction activities, SunCon inculcates a corporate culture that is aligned with its QESH objectives. We aim to reduce health and safety risks by encouraging continuous improvement through various safety programmes such as:

1. High–Level Environmental, Safety and Health Council (HLEC)
The HLEC serves as a platform to identify, articulate and provide feedback on strategic environmental, safety and health issues in SunCon.

2. Environmental, Safety and Health Committee
In compliance with OSHA 1994, ESH Committees are formed at all SunCon work sites. The committee, led by the project manager as committee chairman, is responsible for reviewing workplace ESH performance. The chairman is assisted by the secretary, who is a competent ESH Officer, SunCon representatives and business partners.

3. Sunway Safety Merit System (SSMS)
In consistent with the vision of Malaysia’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), the SSMS is implemented during monthly ESH inspections that are performed by the Inspectorate Team. The inspection, which gauges the achievement of project sites in inculcating a sustainable ESH culture in their workplaces, covers documentation, awareness and implementation.

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