SunCon is committed to total customer satisfaction. We have embraced Total Quality Management (TQM) as a management tool to continuously improve the quality of our products and services that we provide. TQM is implemented at all our projects which requires total involvement by everyone and at all levels of organization to satisfy and exceed customers’ requirement by using systematic and organized activities to achieve the organization’s objective.

We ensure that our subcontractors, technical consultants and other building professionals have relevant experience and proven track records. We conduct regular inspections at each stage of the construction up to project handover. This approach ensures that each stage is constructed according to the specifications as well as the prescribed procedures and methods.

Ensuring Satisfaction

SunCon monitors client perceptions to ensure their requirements have been met. Information is obtained through:

  • Client complaints during the defect liability period;
  • Annual client satisfaction surveys; and
  • Client comments during the construction stage.

Total Quality Management Initiatives

1. Sunway Quality Merit System (SQMS)
The Sunway Quality Merit System (SQMS) measures the project’s quality management system and product quality performance at each stage of construction. The assessment is based on:

  • QLASSIC/CONQUAS requirements and ISO 9001 standards.

2. Quality Assurance Support Team (QAST)
QAST main objective is to assist the project team on Quality Assurance requirements. Training, workshops and practical assessments are conducted for project teams consisting of project manager, engineers, supervisors, lab technicians and document controllers.

3. Continuous Improvement
We are committed to promoting a culture of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, in the provision of high-quality products and services. Employees were encouraged to put forward their ideas for improvement in their daily work, carry out improvements and celebrate the successes.

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