End-to-end Construction Solutions Provider



Sunway Construction Group Berhad (SunCon), is Malaysia’s largest pure-play
construction group that provides a full range of integrated design and construction
services including building, infrastructure, foundation and geotechnical engineering,
mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services, manufacturing and
sale of precast concrete products as well as sustainable energy services.
Our construction service business is further strengthened by the use of
Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technology which enables a greater
competitive edge in the projects we undertake.

With a track record spanning over 40 years, we are capable of tailoring
fully-integrated and cost-effective solutions for our clients, delivering
effective end-to-end solutions as well as control over timely delivery and quality.

Our Vision

To Be A Leading Regional Construction and
Engineering Group

SunCon is driven by a full range of integrated services which include building, civil engineering / infrastructural works, foundation and geotechnical engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services works, industrial building systems / precast components, machinery and logistics, and sustainable energy services with design & build capabilities to provide end-to-end construction solutions.

With a vision of becoming the region’s leading pure play construction group, we constantly innovate to deliver value, build synergistic and sustainable relationships and achieve the highest standards of quality, safety and excellence.

Our Mission

Innovating to deliver value underpins our relentless efforts to drive positive and sustainable change in the way we work and operate to create value for all our stakeholders.

Building synergistic and sustainable relationship is the bedrock of the company’s ethos of nurturing our people and developing meaningful relationships with external parties including our business partners and customers towards achieving business objectives, while keeping the interests of our stakeholders.

Achieving the highest standards in quality, environmental , safety and health, remains our founding value that we uphold with great passion. We make individual and collective efforts in aiming higher to achieve strategic business goals with a commitment to excellence.

Our Core Values


We believe in doing the right thing at all times.

  • We conduct ourselves in an honest and trustworthy manner
  • We act professionally, ethically and honourably
  • We ensure our actions are consistent with our words


We believe in being humble.

  • We never stop learning
  • We care for and respect people and the environment
  • We seek first to understand, then to be understood


We take pride in all that we do.

  • We strive to deliver high quality products and services
  • We continuously innovate and improve for greater progress
  • We seek to inspire others to excel

SunCon At A Glance